Mobile VR & Wearables

Get the benefits of neuroscience and integrative therapy everywhere you go.


Get in touch with your own heartbeat through this new wearable. Designed to help you transcend anxiety and deeply connect.

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StarFlight VR

Transport yourself to visionary spaces designed for neural integration. With options to help you sleep, meditate or get energized.


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Flow for Breath VR

Breathe along with various integrative therapy techniques and quickly find yourself more calm, happy and focused.


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Mindspa Technologies

Train your brain.  Precisely timed colored lights work with bi-aural tones to help you hit your target brain state.

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How we work

We craft products with scientific research, mindfulness and care.

The damaging effects of stress are well-established – and there are effective treatments.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), chronic stress is “a risk factor for several diseases — coronary vascular disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, cognitive impairment…” On the bright side, they also report “relaxation exercises not only help reduce stress, but also boost immune functioning.” And, they published evidence that Deep pressure therapy can “reduce sympathetic arousal and increase parasympathetic arousal” to benefit “groups that exhibit overarousal or anxiety.”

Every step of our process relies on clinical research.

Not only are our products informed by established frameworks and methodologies, we also collaborate on university studies with our actual products – in the lab! Though it requires significant persistence and continuous investment, we are always striving to scientifically establish the effects of our products.

We have crafted a unique suite of tools designed to help you take control

Meet the founder

Dorote Lucci

Dorote builds innovative digital products in the heart of Silicon Valley.  She holds a Masters degree in International Management and is fluent in four languages. She practices clinical hypnosis, teaches meditation and transcendental hypnosis, and facilitates workshops, presentations and talks. Her deep experience with world cultures fuels her passion for combining ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology to enhance our collective wellness.

Larry Minikes

Larry has over 35 years’ experience in the consumer electronics field, entering the emerging brainwave entrainment filed in 1990. Minekes is a pioneer in meditation, consciousness, sleep, performance enhancement, health and wellness. Since 2003 he has been producing a line of auditory/visual stimulation devices under the Mindspa® brand.